Our Team

The Spes Bona Initiative for Medical Education (South Africa)

Alphonse Juncker

Nandipha Makalima
As a doctor, being part of Spes Bona allows me to simultaneously pursue two of my passions – medicine and access to quality education for people from all socio-economic backgrounds.

Leila Amien

Marlise Arkoll

L’ASBL Spes Bona (Belgium)

Edouard Hosten
Registrar in Emergency Medicine and graduate in International Relations, Edouard worked for a year in various hospitals in Cape Town. This experience made him aware of the dire living conditions of some students, prompting him to found the Spes Bona Initiative for Medical Education with the help of several friends and colleagues, .

Julie Bettendorff

Gaétan Catala

Philippe Hosten

Charlotte Maillard

Evelien Sandberg

Stéphanie Fain

Martin Pierrard

Philippine de Grady de Horion

Jerry Cousin

Jonathan Leempoel

Louis Maillard