Vesalius Scholarship

The aim of the Vesalius scholarship is to support young South African medical students by providing them with accommodation and a monthly stipend covering their basic needs.

Why is it needed ?

In South Africa, 28,700,000 people live below the upper-bound poverty line. In some provinces, up to 25% of households do not have access to running water.  11,500,000 people are vulnerable to hunger. Despite these dire conditions, hard-working students decide to become doctors. But, while the median income in the country stands at € 160 per month, very few families manage to afford the € 3,000 annual medical school registration fees. 51% of the 18-24 year old students are unable to finance their studies. Although several private and public scholarships exist, often covering the payment of tuition fees, many students remain vulnerable and 17% of university students experienced hunger.

What does the scholarship cover?

The Vesalius Scholarship will be offered on an annual basis, to the maximum value of R84,000 (~€4,450€) per annum. It will cover:

  • The rent of a room within a student residence (maximum value of R5,000 per month)
  • A monthly stipend for food expenditures and other basic expenses such as toiletries, stationery or textbooks (maximum value of R2,000 per month) 

Mentorship and moral support will also be provided to the recipients, in the form of a quarterly interview with the Scholarship Committee, partly composed by young South African medical doctors.

How is it funded ?

The funding of the Vesalius Scholarships is based on a sponsorship scheme. A few sponsors from Belgium, the Netherlands and South Africa will be allocated to each student each year and provide financial support. Visit this page if you would like to support a Vesalius student !

Furthermore, annual charity events in Belgium and SA help ensuring the long-term financial viability of the project.  

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